The Cleveland Community is an unincorporated area of Johnston County that is not an official town or city. Because Johnston County Government does not have a Parks and Recreation department, none of our County property tax is used to buy or develop parks. Incorporated towns, such as Clayton, have assumed the responsibility for buying park land and creating parks and recreational facilities within their city limits. These town parks are funded with a portion of the municipal taxes they collect. The Cleveland Community currently does not have a source of revenue with which to buy open space and develop parks, additional athletic fields, and other recreational facilities.

The Cleveland Community has a number of baseball, softball, and soccer fields, and a gymnasium, that are all owned by Johnston County and leased to the Greater Cleveland Athletic Association (GCAA). The Pop Warner Football Association has no facilities of its own and practices wherever they can find space. The Pop Warner teams play their games at Cleveland High School thanks to the cooperation of the Principal and high school coaches. These associations do a great service in the community by planning and organizing youth sports with limited facilities. Parents and other supporters of our youth programs are grateful for the work these associations do, but are painfully aware that the community has outgrown the current space and is in desperate need for additional facilities.

There are no public playgrounds within the Community for families to enjoy. There are no public-access open spaces, no picnic shelters, no walking or bike trails, no basketball courts, and no organized adult leagues or programs within the Cleveland Community. If approved, the new Parks and Recreation organization can begin addressing these needs.