You can support the Cleveland Parks and Recreation Initiative in many and various ways.

Show up and Show Support at Community Meetings

There are 2 Community Meetings, February 21 and 25 at 7:00PM in the Cleveland High School Auditorium. You should attend and show support for the motion. There will be information tables at the meetings with “I SUPPORT” stickers and brochures.

Support on Social Media

You can like the Cleveland Parks and Recreation Facebook Page. Share posts from there or copy and post any of the following media.

Yard Signs

Show your support in your neighborhood and street with a yard sign. Yard signs are available for pick-up or delivery. Imagine hundreds of homes showing their support to the Commissioners when they drive through our community. For a sign, please Contact Us.


Volunteer your time to deliver Yard Signs or host the Support Table at Community Meetings. We need volunteers to hand out materials, to pass our stickers, to assemble yard signs, to create Social Media graphics.


A non-profit is being formed in hopes that the Cleveland Parks and Recreation Tax District will be formed by the Johnston County Commissioners, at which point the non-profit will focus on acquiring land and building parks. Until that time, the non-profit is working to promote this initiative. Financial gifts to help promote the initiative are welcome. Please Contact Us for more information.

Corporate Supports

The following local organizations and businesses have publicly declared their support for the new Parks and Recreation Tax District. You can add your organization or business to the list today by contacting us.