Proposed Central Park

Seeing the dire need for open space in our community, several community leaders joined together in 2018 to form a new non-profit corporation called the Cleveland Community Parks and Recreation Association. As its first order of business, this Association executed an option to purchase an 82-acre property in the heart of the Cleveland Community to preserve it from development in hopes that the County Commissioners will provide a long-term funding source to complete the acquisition, development, and maintenance of a “Central Park” on this property for the community to enjoy.

To keep it from becoming another subdivision, we bought this 82-acre property in the heart of Cleveland with hope that the new Tax District will be approved and this land could become our Central Park.

The Cleveland Community Parks and Recreation Association

Open space in the Cleveland Community is quickly being lost for development purposes and the price to acquire land continues to escalate. That is why the leaders of this new Association agreed to borrow the funds to acquire it before knowing if County Commissioners would approve the new tax. If the new Tax District is approved, the funding created by the tax will allow the land to become a public park and provide continuing funding for the development and maintenance of the park. The final plan for a contents of park on the land would be decided by taxpayers and the organization appointed by the County Commissioners. The drawing below is one possible configuration of the land, provided for your imagination. The picture below includes a Community Center, Aquatic Center, baseball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic shelters, dog parks, and walking trails — all while leaving the lower triangle of land for future needs.

Imagine children, seniors, pets, and sports teams gathering in an Central Park with ball fields, playground equipment, picnic shelters, walking trails, and even a Community Aquatic Center.

We urge you to SUPPORT the Cleveland Area Recreation Tax District so that this property doesn’t just become another subdivision with more homes, and more children, and more stress on our existing recreational facilities. There simply is no path forward for more and better recreational facilities in our community unless we support the new tax district.